Monday, January 19, 2015

Unborn Mercy

I wish people would stop supporting the March of Life program. Constant support makes it difficult to abort a child if it was conceived from rape or if child would have in-operable life threatening complications. In some instances its merciful to kill the unborn baby

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Giant Void

As most of you know I have briefly linked to videos and or discussed about giants as seen below. Recently however, I have been watching and rather enjoying the new History Channel Show: "Search for Lost Giants". Shortly after my first episode however I got a brief deja'vu felling on the topic they were discussing at the time. I knew I saw or read something linking them together, and for a couple weeks I tried to remember what it was. I finally was able to recall the information I saw over 2 years ago. First off, I find it very peculiar that giants could be a part of our history yet, nearly every record except for legends and myths, seem to have vanished.  Personally I feel that some of the evidence was purposely confiscated and hidden from the public, because it conflicted with religious beliefs. However, I dont think everything was covered up, I feel something happened along the way that caused humans to forget and overall have the concept of giants lost to time, That thought process lead me back to Spirit Science, and the concept of a Void Space, as stated in the emerald tablets.  I highly recommend starting at the beginning of this lesson/discussion - Starting at 12-1 and continue from there. I know human history goes further than what conventional science has lead the general masses to believe. Everything seems to get lost to time, and its a shame. Knowledge is meant to be shared for eons, and to lose so much of it is a tragedy.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Transfer

Around 5 or 6 years ago, I questioned my faith and started doing research in the form of watching documentaries, reading, and just pondering what causes people to believe in a god. I meditated while I was unemployed for about 7 months. I thought of many scenarios. And honestly I came to an answer. However, I will not spoil it, that would defeat the purpose of this blog. I will however, say im still an Atheist. The one thing i can say though, is that everyone through time discoveries their own meaning.  Shortly after, i created a facebook page dedicated to expressing my feelings on the matter, only to realize many years later that I wasn't reaching the audience that I would have liked unless I spent money. So today, Im transferring all my posts in order. And in the future You will see new posts from me. Just like my Home page, I use Facebook like a quick blog tool and may take time for me to get to posting it here. So, be patient.  Anyway, Please enjoy your visit.

Posted August 18th, 2014
God Paradox

Posted May 20th, 2014
what if ghosts aren't necessarily from our stereotypical "soul" but rather when we die and cross to a different dimension or level of consciousness those who get lost on the way between the transition get stuck between our level and the next level of consciousness and become scared, angry, and frustrated over time.

Posted May 15th, 2014

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Posted Dec 24th, 2013 :
 Atheists VS Theists 

Posted Sept 30th, 2013
 I realized as informative and as interesting as the video was; the author was avoiding the main question. It seems not only do religious officials (bible) avoid this question but high end scientific ones as well. The video discussed briefly that both religious and the scientific communities have their beliefs of origin example big bang and god making everything in 3 days but both instances have holes in them. Lets discuss the scientific one first, this theory was interesting the universe from the start of big bang will infinity expand we know this but in addition we all the stars go out and planets die the theory is the universe will contract into one point and produce another big bang starting the process over again making way for new life, Futurama did a small episode on this was pretty good. I’m willing to accept the universe dies and rebirths in a loop like a phoenix but the question remains where did it start for the loop to begin? Has the universe always been? How? This is where religion comes to play when we have no answers an all mighty god easily fills the role for the impossible, I won’t go into be beef with the bibles in inaccuracies but let’s say hypothetically the universe was made in 3 days by a god now the question is where did this god from? Any entity can’t appear from nothing everything leaves a trace. Did this god transcend from the previous universe because life forms were more advanced? If that was the case, cool! But again the question is where the starting point is!?

Posted May 28th, 2013

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